The prophylaxes it is the best way to maintain your mascot in good health, and at the same time to protect yours of the infection of zoonòtiques illnesses, that is that they can go from the animals to the persons.

A correct exploration of the animal before vaccinating is essential so that the bovine one is effective and non harmful. Because of that we consider to carry out the vaccinations in the veterinary center itself after an exhaustive control of your mascot capital. Vaccinating is not a joke, and we will advise it about the vaccines that are necessary.

To deparasitize your mascot is very important for her as well as for us, since the intestinal parasites are a potential risk for the persons. Only your veterinarian can know which product is the most suitable for each race and depending on the habits of the animal. Some products can be toxicants for your dog or your cat, you never forget that they are products of veterinary prescription. That is, for external desparasitacions, against the skin parasites that can affect your mascot, like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes or mites, he trusts us second to recommend yourself the safest and effective way the station of the year.

We offer plans of control, detection and treatment of the Leishmaniosis canine, the every time one frequent month, illness of the mosquito Phlebotomus spp. Ask us!