Your mascot, its health, and the communal life between her and you, are the main axes of our work. To be veterinary is a responsibility and we try to accompany your friend and you during all the stretches of its life. At all times we attempt to make nourish it the best for him, in a totally independent way, first advising you about the best way to look after it, to protect it against the most dangerous and frequent illnesses. The prevention is a fundamental part of our work, but if your mascot makes ill, we have many tools and one broadens experience for, first to diagnose the pathology, for afterwards to constitute the most suitable treatment, always minimizing pain and suffering.

Not to make your animal suffer is our priority. To be a pet it has to have the maximum attentions, the best treatments, but he does not have to suffer more due to receiving these treatments. Our ethics occupies an important place in our decision making and we are against any treatment which it can make your mascot to suffer if it does not bring him a remarkable improvement to its health.

Let's not marry anybody (brands, sales persons of mascots, chemists...), since we want to maintain our total independence. We trust many brands of products but we always demand them some unnegotiable conditions of quality and look for a good relation at quality/price for our customer. Products are the parameters that we take into account when choosing: the quality and reliability (based on scientific studies), the nature of the product, the with respect to the environment in its manufacture and the selling price. As veterinarians made aware with the environment, we like to put our spot of sand in the improvement of the planet.

We follow continuously our professional training, to be able to offer the best knowledge, the last treatments, the best techniques to look after your mascot.

Our methodology of work comes from this philosophy, we want to look of your animal as it deserves it and we want to inform oneself as you need it. We do not take our work lightly and for any vaccine, he consults or control him essential to carry out an exhaustive physical exploration of the animal one and one correct anamnesis, him to say a compilation of information to be able to discard, diagnose, or prevent illnesses. We try to treat each case as if it were the most important, since for you it is the most important.